Bringing research into the case method classroom

We often focus, rightly, on how the case method benefits students.

But what about faculty?

Too many feel that the incredible impact of their case writing and teaching on student engagement and performance is ignored, at best under-scored, when it comes to career progression.  

But some combine research with case writing and teaching very successfully.

Mark Jenkins

Mark Jenkins

Professor Mark Jenkins  is one of those who uses research as a stimulus for case writing and teaching with great success, and I’m very pleased that Mark presents one of our case workshops on this key topic. Mark, of Cranfield University School of Management, recently published an article Making the case for cases in the EFMD Global Focus magazine.

He argues that world-class academics and thought leaders combine research and teaching, and that the case method is the ideal catalyst.

As the Teaching Excellence Framework is about to be introduced in the UK, and accreditation is becoming more mission-focused around the world, it seems there is a growing opportunity for case creators and teachers to have their work recognised by following Mark’s example.



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