Business case studies have their place in law


The early practitioners of the case method drew a lot of their inspiration from the study of law. In particular from the adversarial nature of common law jurisdictions and the requirement for students to study by analysing and debating case law as it was created by the courts.

So it is interesting that American legal experts, Olga V. Mack and Katia Bloom, are now arguing for the use of business style case studies in law degrees.

They see this as a way of improving the acquisition and development of the skills displayed by every successful lawyer: emotional intelligence, collaboration, and the ability to analyse risks constructively.

Never mind that every lawyer also operates as a business.

Colorful umbrellas in the sky, street decoration. Colorful backgroundWithin the diversity of The Case Centre’s collection are many cases focusing on management issues specific to particular industries: arts management, veterinary science, science and technology, fashion and design, just to name a few examples. And not all business skills acquired are limited to running a business. What Olga and Katia have spotted is that business skills are also interpersonal.

Have you tried using business cases outside of the traditional business degree?

Links to specialist collections distributed by The Case Centre:


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