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Case method never fails to surprise


Just when I could start to take the case method for granted, seeing an example of it in action took my breath away.

Last week I had the joy of being in a case discussion class led by Case Awards 2017 winner Professor Horacio Falcao, of INSEAD, teaching his award-winning case Oxipouco: An Endangered Species Resource Negotiation (A) & (B).

I can’t say too much about the content of the discussion without giving away the crux of the case. Let’s just say it was a delight to see a group of experienced, senior administrators have their knowledge and skills challenged and developed by a charming, demanding, highly-skilled case teacher – and author – using their own case.

It was a prime example of the power of case discussions engaging a bunch of perhaps slightly jaded professionals in a way that energised the room and led to some real and memorable learning. It certainly improved my own negotiating skills.

The point is, not only were we in the hands of a great case teacher in Horacio, he was also blessed to be using a case he had written. The combination was irresistible.

It made me very proud of the recognition we are able to give to case writers and teachers through our annual awards and competitions, and of the impact that our workshops programme has on faculty wishing to engage with case writing or teaching for the first time, or to develop existing skills to the highest level.

Our team is already planning for next year’s awards (to be announced in early March) while our next workshops programme – very appropriately – will be held in Dublin, that greatest home of writers, poets, scholars and raconteurs, 22-26 January 2018. More information can be found here:


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Cases reach beyond the classroom

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Some of the ICSC participants and organisers

I spent last Saturday (7 October) presenting via Skype to the International Case Study Conference 2017, organised and hosted by IBS Hyderabad.

The conference combined a call for new cases with an opportunity for authors to present their cases, and a workshop and presentations on aspects of case writing and teaching.

The Case Centre was very pleased to be Knowledge Partner for ICSC 2017.

My presentation on the last afternoon of the conference explored the impacts that cases can have outside the classroom: the value they can bring to authors, students, schools and businesses.

Cases contribute to an author’s career development. A published case can trigger invitations to present at conferences or at other schools. Many case authors find publication brings opportunities to conduct further research or consulting work.

Cases offer life-long support to students way beyond the classroom, often acting as touchstones in moments of greatest need throughout their careers.

Cases support schools in aligning teaching and research, supporting accreditation, and spreading the school brand.

Cases support businesses who collaborate in researching and writing the case by spreading their brand, encouraging recruitment and enhancing the induction experience for new recruits, and as a valuable reflection on current and emerging practice within the business.

I always enjoy participating in conferences.

This was my first experience of delivering a substantial conference presentation online. Technically, the level of support from the IBS team ensured it went smoothly and those in the Hyderabad auditorium seemed to enjoy the experience. I’d like to do it more often and it’s a good way to participate in conferences that otherwise I’d be unable to attend.

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