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Changing with the times

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One of the most frustrating things about change is that it is so, well, changeable.  Just when we get used to considering implementing one type of change another comes along to replace it, and the whole darn thing starts all over again.

For some time now case method practitioners have engaged with online technology and the challenge of facilitating online group case discussion.

But I’m now seeing signs that the technology also changes the type of case one might choose to use.  Many case teachers now use ‘found materials’ – news stories, video clips, interviews, and so on – not as supplementary or background reading but as an alternative to a formal, written case, as ‘the case’ itself.

In what ways do you think this changes the nature of case teaching? What are your changing needs as a teacher or creator, and how might The Case Centre better support you as you explore this new territory?

As always, I am very keen to hear from you.


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