Hello and welcome to my blog about the world of case-based management education.

The case method is an approach to learning and understanding in management education modelled on Socratic dialogue. Proponents believe that students gain a deeper understanding of concepts through dialogue rather than simply by memorising information provided through set texts or lectures.

Fundamental beliefs

In the hands of a skilful teacher the atmosphere during the class discussion of a case is electric. Students by an effort of collective determination force themselves to confront their most fundamental beliefs and assertions, to think differently and more effectively and to take on board new ideas, concepts and skills.

It is a thrilling spectacle. No wonder so many case teachers report hearing from students, yearstudents_IMG_2150s after graduation, with stories of how cases discussed many years earlier provided the philosophical, theoretical and practical bedrock for their subsequent careers.

Endlessly inventive

The case method is endlessly inventive and boundless. From entrepreneurial start-ups, family businesses, national and international brands and global mega-corporations, nothiblondlady-04890005ng is too big or too small, no culture outside its remit, no decision that cannot be discussed, examined and collectively learned from. You can’t go under it. You can’t go over it. You can’t go round it. You got to go through it. Everything is grist to its mill.

I hope to take some of that into my own writing in this blog.


What do you think?

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